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    Latest posts by Nataliia Peterheria

    How to Launch a Digital Product and Win in a Crisis

    Be it economic crises, or uncontrollable epidemics, they influence the world and bring about new rules that challenge communities and businesses to sink or swim. Within only recent years we’ve...

    The Discovery Phase: What It Is, Why It Matters, and Its Key Deliverables

    Want to know the secret of startup survival? Learn about the ins and outs of the discovery phase in software development and how it can make your product more competitive and customer-oriented.

    The UK’s Housing Market Will Never Be the Same: Reasons and Possibilities

    UK’s real estate market will never be the same. While it is challenging for conservative players, it may be the best time for the proptech sector to flourish.

    11 Startups That Are Transforming the EU Mortgage Industry

    Despite being the most common type of collateral used for housing loans, mortgages are still subject to strict regulation and bureaucracy, even in the age of total digitization and process...

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