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    Latest posts by Julie Korsun

    How to Create a Product That Investors Will Commit To

    Wondering how to find investors for your startup? Read our guide about available options and the pros and cons of approaching different investors.

    How to Develop a Food Delivery App and Feed the World in 2020

    Startup ideas in the food industry always have a chance of survival. Case in point: people need food, and a lot of the time want it delivered right to their door. So, let's see how to make a food delivery app you’re thinking about, and what it might take.

    The 16 Most Important Pros and Cons of using Python for Web Development

    Did you know that Python was named after Monty Python? One of the world’s most popular coding languages, Python was first conceptualized in the late ’80s, influenced by the ABC...

    Top 16 Python Frameworks for Web Development

    Python is the choice of many programmers and tech companies due to its simple syntax, extensive libraries, capacities for development and testing automation. It is suitable for developing all kinds...

    5 Innovations in Banking Application Development: From Challenges to Opportunities

    In June 1967, a crucial change for the world of finance unfolded as the first ATM was installed in the city of London. At that time, credit cards hadn’t been...

    When It’s All Fun and Games: Gamification Ideas for Banking Services to Engage Customers

    Find out what is gamification and how it is incorporated in financial businesses to engage larger audiences. Explore gamification ideas in banking and learn how to use them in practice.

    A Decade of Django Stars

    This year, we’ve celebrated 10 years of Django Stars. For all this time, we’ve been growing, earning experience, and simply doing what we love. Here, we share our views on...

    How to Develop a Location-based Application Using React Native

    How does Uber always know the pickup location? Or how can Tinder find dates within a two-mile radius from you? It’s simple – you allowed them to know your location....

    What is DevOps and Why You Should Have It

    An approach? A tool? A role? Few questions in the world have such a variety of answers, and “What is DevOps?” is one of them. Let’s finally answer the question...

    Django vs Ruby on Rails Comparison. Which Framework is Better?

    There are more than 90 web development frameworks out there. No wonder it’s hard to choose the one that’ll suit your project best. Still, there are at least two major...

    App Development Cost: Android vs iOS

    Every decision has its cost. It doesn’t matter if you decide what car to buy or what girl to marry or what platform to choose for your brand new mobile...

    Why We Use Django Framework & What Is Django Used For

    Open-source, flexible, simple and reliable. That’s all about Django framework - one of the popular frameworks for web-development. Why, how and by whom is it used? That’s what we will...

    10 Popular Websites Built With Django

    Django is one of the fastest and most convenient web frameworks. Here, we analyze 10 popular websites built with Django and benefits they got of it.

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